Most realistic combat training in the world!

No ego, false confidence or sport shooting, just skill under stress. We teach you to make and execute correct decisions in combat situations.

Time to learn how to fight is now!

We have certificates, but we don't prove ourselves with them. We do it with skill and logic. Your brain, not your gun is the best weapon.


The only up-to-date combat system in the world.

Kalah Tactical Europe

There are many Kalah schools in Europe, but they mainly teach selfdefense. Purpose of this pan-European branch is to focus on teaching combat tactics with a use of firearm. Whether you are professional or civilian, we have knowledge you just might need one day. It doesn't matter if you are evacuating your family of four out of home invasion in the middle of night or evacuating your principal to safety under attack or you need to run through dirty house with your team - if you don't have a viable plan for such situation, chance of success is low and chance of casualties is high. We are here to make that success highly possible.