In a scope of two days, we will teach you how to use a rifle in combat. You will participate in model situations that happen in real life on daily basis. At the end of the course, you will understand what it means to use your rifle in life-threatening situations under extreme stress. Remember that no one becomes "an expert" in a matter of days - but if you are willing to commit completely your physical, mental and emotional attitude, learning curve in Kalah system is very steep. Course will provide invaluable skill for you to hone further either on your own, or during another Kalah Tactical courses. Skills you learn include combat principles, grip, drawing, shooting, concealed carry principles, movement, evacuation, eliminating the threat, communication, fixing jams and reloading. Amount of skill we give you during the course depends on the team's learning curve. The faster you learn, the more you get.

Where to next?

Tier I Combat Rifle Course is an entry course for main Kalah Tactical content - check "All courses" to understand the structure and requirements.


Prague and vicinity



Total capacity



2 days

Requirements & Safety

All students are required to be of legal age, need to be in good health and capable of physical exercises. You don't need any previous combat/shooting experience. Safety comes first with Kalah - you will start with dry exercises and will only be allowed to shoot live ammo when your instructors say so. You are obliged to follow advice of your instructors and ask all questions you want. Because the nature of combat is harsh, you will be subjected to equal physical, mental and emotional stress while required to perform what you learned from your instructors. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before the course starts. We make no difference between sex, religion, politics, beliefs, personal habits, previous experience or skin color - no one will be favored or disadvantaged during the course. All human beings are the same to us. You will never be asked by your instructors to perform what they can't do themselves.


  • Safety
  • Concealed Carry
  • Grip, Stance
  • Shooting
  • Movements
  • Basic use of cover
  • Jam fix
  • Reload
  • Combat Scenarios
  • Heavy Stress Drills