Family Protection course block is focused on protecting yourself and your family/friends with a pistol. All Kalah Tactical is unseparable from hand-to-hand selfdefense/combat and this truth is striking especially in Family Protection. Most conflicts in civilian life start in contact distance - we will teach you how to defend yourself or your family member against attack with transition to your handgun. You will understand what it means to fight for your life against one or multiple attackers, communicate, how not to rely on your gun, evacuate your family, give emergency first aid, make hard decisions under stress and much more.

Where to next?

Tier II Family Protection course block is mainly focused on civilians - and we are all civilians in our non-professional life. Family Protection is closely related to CQB and LE tactics. Ultimate test to your family protections skills will follow in TIER III drills.


Prague and vicinity








Requirements & Safety

All students are required to be of legal age, need to be in good health and capable of physical exercises. You need to complete TIER I Combat Pistol first. Safety comes first with Kalah - you will start with dry exercises and will only be allowed to shoot live ammo when your instructors say so. You are obliged to follow advice of your instructors and ask all questions you want. Because the nature of combat is harsh, you will be subjected to equal physical, mental and emotional stress while required to perform what you learned from your instructors. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before the course starts. We make no difference between sex, religion, politics, beliefs, personal habits, previous experience or skin color - no one will be favored or disadvantaged during the course. All human beings are the same to us. You will never be asked by your instructors to perform what they can't do themselves.


  • Selfdefense
  • Defense of loved ones
  • In-car Fighting and Evacuation
  • Knife/gun Transitions
  • Civilian CQB
  • Home Invasion
  • Anti-Hijack
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Advanced Weapon Drills
  • Communication and Control