Law Enforcement Course block focuses on providing skills for policemen, soldiers, security personnel and every other individuals with interest in those skills. First big part belongs to advanced tactical knowledge - continuation of Tier I courses. I.e. quick reloads, transition drills, jam fixes, instinctive shooting (also in low/no light conditions) and engaging targets 360 with use and transition between covers. All this will also be practiced in smaller teams. Second equally big part belongs to specialised LE knowledge - apprehending suspect vehicle, suspect extraction, search and arrest, unarmed combat, and so on.

Where to next?

Tier II Law Enforcement Course block merges skills from almost all branches - because policemen and security personnel are often responsible for a lot of tasks at hand - that being CQB (during first line response), arrest, suspect control, search, VIP protection for civilians and/or partners, etc. Ultimate test to your skills will manifest in Tier III Drills.


Prague and vicinity



Professionals only






Requirements & Safety

All students are required to be of legal age, need to be in good health and capable of physical exercises. You need to complete TIER I Combat Pistol (but if you use rifle in your line of work, better to have both basic courses). Safety comes first with Kalah - you will start with dry exercises and will only be allowed to shoot live ammo when your instructors say so. You are obliged to follow advice of your instructors and ask all questions you want. Because the nature of combat is harsh, you will be subjected to equal physical, mental and emotional stress while required to perform what you learned from your instructors. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer before the course starts. We make no difference between sex, religion, politics, beliefs, personal habits, previous experience or skin color - no one will be favored or disadvantaged during the course. All human beings are the same to us. You will never be asked by your instructors to perform what they can't do themselves.


  • Basic CQB
  • Team Tactics
  • Advanced Weapon Drills
  • Suspect Extraction
  • Arresting
  • First Response
  • Anti-ambush car drills
  • Vehicle Approach
  • Tactical First Aid
  • Scenario Exercises
  • Heavy Resistance Drills
  • Unarmed Combat