Kalah hoodie

€ 39

Kalah hoodie not only helps represent the system on the street, but also serves as a realiable training equipment. Even after six years of heavy use, the hoodie is still mostly intact, including the front nad back logo.

Available for anyone.

Order at: info@kalahtac.eu

Intended use: Civilian

Manufacturer: private professional clothmaker

Shipping: Worldwide (contact us for shipping cost and delivery time)

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Hoodie is created from heavy cotton (see description tab) with durable zip. Open hoodie is prefferred in Kalah system, as it allows for VIP protection training (walking with open hoodie allows for quicker access to gun).

We were unable to rip or stretch the hoodie in countless trainings since start of Kalah CZ in 2016. Everything still works perfectly - to my amazement, I must say.

Material - 290g/m2+ Cotton/Polyester

Ask us about color, but we usually only make it in black

Any EU size available

Two pockets


Kalah logo on chest and back