Skeleton Streetfighter

€ 240

Kalah dagger was developed by us for sole purpose of concealed carry and self-defense use. Coming in double edge, fulltang N690 steel with skeleton handles and kydex sheath. Blade carries lasered inscription "Kalah" with David's star and allows for individual inscription. Every blade is a custom masterpiece created by us and personalised for you.

Only available for Kalah Tactical and Self-Defense students (both from Europe or South Africa).

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Intended use: Civilian

Manufacturer: PT professional knifemaker

Shipping: Worldwide (contact us for shipping cost)

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Kalah dagger was created by us - for our own need. We felt a need to carry a single-purpose self-defense dagger, thin enough for concealed carry and strong enough not to break on a bone. Kalah dagger is a subtle blade not intended for abuse, but will serve you perfectly well in life threatening situations. It's shape allows for swift drawing and perfect grip. Since every blade is made manually and per order, no two blades are completely identical (can differ only in tiny details).

Blade is stainless and comes with double edge and thin tip for unstoppable penetrations. Skeleton handles sacrifice little bit of grip for even better concealement - the choice is yours, blade is perfectly usable in both versions. Kydex sheath is simple, but effective, intended to be carried inside of your pants. Blade is completely invisible even if covered only by a thin t-shirt.

PERSONALISATION: Blade comes with lasered David's star and the name "Kalah". You can choose personalised short inscription to be put on the blade. If you do not choose any, we will put a number instead.

Steel - N690. More information in "Steel" tab.

Sheath - Kydex with steel clip.

Overall length = 23.2cm / 9.13"

Blade length = 11.4cm / 4.48"

Blade thickness = 4mm / 0.15"

Hardness = 56-57 HRC

Steel developed specifically for tactical knives of Fox Cutlery. It's stainless steel equivalent to 440C. It's basically business name for 440C and is very common in knivesmaking industry. It contains 1,5% of extra cobalt, and is manufactured by german company Bohler Uddenholm.

Edge durability and stainless, cutting and abrasive properties are excellent - same as 440C.

Dagger is compact, but not short. Thin tip is subtle and allows for deep penetrations, but we do not recommend hitting any hard material with it. Perforated handle reduces weight, while handle shape protects your hand from slipping. Grip is perfect, your hand is going nowhere while holding the dagger. Butt of the dagger allows for non-lethal strikes.