Kalah Tshirt

€ 19

Kalah tshirt was the first thing we created after start of Kalah CZ in 2016. We needed a heavy duty shirt able to withstand the purgatory of our daily trainings.

Available for anyone.

Order at: info@kalahtac.eu

Intended use: Civilian

Manufacturer: private professional clothmaker

Shipping: Worldwide (contact us for shipping and delivery cost)

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Tshirt is made from heavy cotton and comes in variety of colors (although we usually only make it in black and white). Up to this date I haven't trashed a single tshirt from this series - stitches, cloth and printed logos - everything holds up.

Material - 205g/m2+ Cotton

Ask us about color, but we usually only make it in black

Any EU size available

Kalah logo on chest and back