What is Kalah and why we do it?

Kalah was created by Idan Abolnik, former Golani frontline soldier in 2003. Since then the system grew and become the unparalleled combat system out there. Why? Because Idan has absolute freedom to shape it according to quickly changing reality of violence.

Kalah isn't focused on making our livelihood (as it is the case with commercial tactical courses and self-defense classes out there). Quality always comes first in Kalah.

Numerous highly experienced soldiers, policemen, operators, CPOs or plain civilians found their way to Kalah and fell in love with it. Some became instructors, many more had the sad priviledge to use Kalah to save their lives or lives of their loved ones.

We don't aim to befriend you, boost your ego, or make nice pictures at shooting range - only thing we want is to transfer our hard gained knowledge of combat to you.

If you like what you learned - that's the best reward we could get.

Why is Kalah different?

Every usual tactical instructor will claim he is the best! He will provide certificates, years of experience, foreign missions, you name it. In truth all of that is of little importance. We have seen, talked and trained with many "experts" and were hugely disappointed. It all comes to one simple question: What you teach, does it work? Does it make sense on the street, in war, in conflict?

What defines Kalah?
  • We keep the system as close to reality as possible.
  • We teach more principles, less techniques. Techniques fail, principles work.
  • No ego. If you know the better way, show us. Kalah evolves every day.
  • We stress-test everything we do. In Kalah, nothing is theory and our students know it.
  • We don't depend only on experience, but also logic. If it doesn't make sense, we don't do it.
  • We train reality based simulated situations. It's the only way to practically apply the skillset.


The team consists mainly of ex-special forces members. Past experience in such units help very much, but what defines our skill is the same level of rigorous training under Idan Abolnik, founder of Kalah system. Past experience opened our eyes and brought us to Kalah together.

Idan Abolnik

South Africa, Europe

Nahum Belver


Pascal Bourrassé


Martin Sládek

Czech Republic